The John Huber Investigation into Hillary Clinton is Now Over – With No Charges Filed

The fix was in. AWOL AG Jeff Sessions hand-picked Obama-nominated US Attorney John Huber to investigate whether the investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation was properly conducted.

As it turns out, the investigation into the investigation was mishandled.

Huber did exactly nothing.

Whistleblowers provided him with proof of wrongdoing by Clinton, and Huber lost the evidence three times and never interviewed a single key witness.

He must have hired James Comey and Peter Strzok to run his investigation. Huber should be fired immediately and replaced with someone less corrupt like Bernie Madoff or Hillary Clinton herself.

How do you conduct an investigation without calling a single key witness?

You can’t – unless your goal is to make sure you do not uncover any damning evidence.

All hope is not lost, however.

AG Bill Barr appointed US Attorney John Durham to investigate the beginning of the Russian Collusion Hoax, and a big part of that was the decision to drop the Hillary investigation and to open one on Donald Trump.

John Durham is no John Huber.

From The Gateway Pundit:

The House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations held a hearing on Capitol Hill on the Clinton Foundation in December 2018.

Mark Meadows (R-NC), the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Operations, led the hearing. Two Clinton Foundation whistleblowers spoke at the hearing. Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch also testified.

Meadows told the audience at the beginning of the hearing that the Department of Justice was unwilling to make John Huber available for the hearing.

Huber was assigned months ago by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate several controversies linked to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

The Huber investigative team suddenly became interested in the evidence when they heard the two men were going before Congress.

Rep. Meadows: Why do you think Mr. Huber waited until November 30th to call you about 4 letters you had sent prior?

Mr. Moynihan: I don’t know.

Rep. Meadows: Do you think it might have had to do with you coming here to testify?… They were fully aware because we had asked them to come and be a witness at this particular hearing. Then all of the sudden you get a phone call from what, Mr. Huber’s second in command. Is that correct?

Mr. Moynihan: He was clearly the assistant US Attorney dealing directly with Mr. Huber.

Rep. Meadows: Well I find it just very coincidental that on November 30th, a few days before the hearing, after we notified them that we wanted them to come testify that all of a sudden they would start following up. So Mr. Doyle what did they say about the documents that you had provided them?

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